At the forefront of technology

We live in a constantly evolving market. Emissions legislation, new markets, new competitors, and rising fuel prices all present new challenges. It’s rising to these challenges that make Vibracoustic CV Air Springs unique.

Our team of experts recognise that suspension design has a major role to play in helping our customers succeed and differentiate themselves in an increasingly dynamic environment. Weight and space savings can significantly contribute to reduced emissions and lower operating costs. Material developments can improve comfort, performance and durability. Improved performance means increased productivity and a clear way of differentiating your product or service.

We don’t just acknowledge these facts, we act on them. Our passion for productive design together with our full system expertise and close association with passenger car technologies enables us to think outside the box, offering proven technologies adapted to the needs of the commercial vehicle sector.

Smart innovation means we work in close partnership with our customers, advising on suspension load requirements, building working prototypes and testing on site when required, ensuring an optimised solution every time.


With our passion for progress it is perhaps not surprising that we have recently launched a groundbreaking new product range:

Bionics – the first sleeve type commercial vehicle Air Spring

Click here to visit our innovation pages find out more about this exciting development and discover other new possibilities.

Key Facts:

System expertise for all vehicle types

Dedicated R & D resources worldwide

The latest simulation and calculation software

Extensive material and elastomer know-how

Tailor made and replacement Air Spring solutions

Working in partnership with our customers


Much smaller than conventional Air Springs

Far more responsive

Improved road holding and comfort

Significant weight savings – up to 70kg